Custom games for your books to light up the classroom!

Turbo-boost adoptions with a truly unique digital offering.

Bring your course’s themes, stories and characters to life.

Delight teachers and students with engaging gameplay, stunning visuals and audio.

Stunningly beautiful.

Incredibly fun!

Custom-designed for all levels (pre-primary to adult).

Incorporating presentation, consolidation, or
assessment learning mechanics.

Run locally from a CD-ROM or deploy on your LMS or web page.

Super-easy for teachers to use and customise.

Games make a difference!

Relate to everyone!

77% of people who own a computer or a mobile device are casual players. (NewZoo, 2016)

Give teachers something they’ll love!

The average game player age is 35 years old.The most frequent female game player is 44 years old. (, Essential facts 2016)

Learning is a real game,
but the real game is learning!

Well designed instructional games bring spectacular learning results while at the same time honing problem-solving skills
(Harris 2009, Marzano 2011)

IWB Software • Gamification • Learning Games • Custom-designed learning environments • Illustration • Authoring & Editorial • Animation

CCS Digital Education has over 15 years of experience in producing material, both digital and print for teaching English as a foreign language (ELT) and foreign language teaching (FLT) in general.


Our input and products have helped enhance the offering of the most prestigious publishers worldwide.

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